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The Languages Department


We believe it is important to foster a spirit of internationalism in the hearts and minds of our community and nurture the ability to function effectively when surrounded by individuals whose culture is different to our own.

The learning of a foreign language helps us to achieve this and to enjoy interacting in a new cultural context. It increases our own personal opportunities for work, entertainment and travel as well as expanding our awareness of the world as we know it, a world that is shrinking due to high-speed international air travel, the Internet and our own understanding that cultural diversity is what makes us human.

At Davenant Foundation School, the MFL team consists of six experienced language specialists from France, Spain, Latin America and the UK.  We also have native language assistants. We recognise the varying levels of ability students have in languages and for new students we ensure we quickly gain an understanding of their language experience and achievements from their previous school.  

The faculty has the resources to provide language classes from beginner to advanced, to enable each student to progress and fulfil their potential. At Key Stage 3 (Year 7 to Year 9), all students have the opportunity to study both French and Spanish in year 7 and then continue with one into year 8 and beyond. At Davenant we strongly encourage all students to study a language to GCSE level in order to give themselves an opportunity to continue developing the skills required to speak a foreign language.

Studying languages is extremely fulfilling as it allows you to be able to understand not only a foreign language, but the culture too. I personally think that Languages are one of the most underrated subjects in terms of difficulty, but if you stick at it, with the help of the Language Department Teachers and their wealth of knowledge, you'll be sure to succeed and have a feeling of accomplishment when you're able to converse with ease.”  Year 12 student



During Years 7-9 the following topics are taught:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9





Free time




Fashion and going out



World issues


Students studying the subject at GCSE follow the AQA specification. During the course, the following topics are covered:

Year 10

Year 11

Identity and culture:

Me, my family and friends (relationships with family and friends, marriage/partnerships)

Technology in everyday life (social media, mobile technology)

Free time activities (music, cinema, TV, sport, food and eating out)


Local, national, international and global areas of interest:

Home, town, neighbourhood and region

Travel and tourism


Current and future study and employment

My studies

Life at school/college

Identity and culture:

Customs and festivals in target language-speaking countries/communities


Local, national, international and global areas of interest:

Social issues (charity/voluntary work, healthy/unhealthy living)

Global issues (the environment, poverty/homelessness)


Current and future study and employment

Education post-16

Career choices and ambitions


For more detailed information about the course content and assessment requirements, please refer to the examination board website: 




Students studying the subject at A Level follow the AQA specification.  During the course the following topics are covered.

Year 12 French

Year 12 Spanish

Aspects of French speaking society

  • The changing nature of family
  • The ‘cyber-society’
  • The place of voluntary work

Artistic culture in the French-speaking world

  • A culture proud of its heritage
  • Contemporary francophone music
  • Cinema: the 7th art form

Literary texts and films

- Entre les murs Laurent Cantet (2008)

Aspects of Hispanic society

  • Modern and traditional values
  • Cyberspace
  • Equal rights

Artistic culture in the Hispanic world

  • Modern day idols
  • Spanish regional identity
  • Cultural heritage

Literary texts and films

- El laberinto del fauno Guillermo del Toro (2006)

- La Casa de Bernarda Alba by Federico García Lorca

Year 13 French

Year 13  Spanish

Aspects of political life in the French-speaking world

  • Teenagers and political commitment
  • Strikes – who holds the power?
  • Politics and immigration

Current issues of French-speaking society

  • Positive features of a diverse society
  • Life for the marginalised
  • How criminals are treated

Literary texts and films

- Delphine de Vigan No et moi

Aspects of political life in the Hispanic world

  • Today's youth, tomorrow's citizens
  • Monarchies and dictatorships
  • Popular movements

Multiculturalism in Hispanic society

  • Immigration
  • Racism
  • Integration


Literary texts and films

- Fernando Fernán-Gómez Las bicicletas son para el verano

- Repaso del curso anterior

For more detailed information about the course content and assessment requirements, please refer to the examination board website: 




For more detailed information about the course content and assessment requirements, please refer to the examination board website: