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Davenant Foundation School, Chester Road, Loughton, Essex, IG10 2LD
Telephone: 020 8508 0404
Fax: 020 8508 9301

We are in easy reach from various methods of transport.

Buses: 20, 677
Underground: Debden, Theydon Bois or Loughton. All on the Central Line.
SATNAV users: IG10 2LW. Parking at Davenant is available for visitors.
Welcome to Davenant Performing Arts
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Terms and Conditions


The timetables are scheduled by the school's Performing Arts administrator, Mrs Santer. Lessons are strategically timetabled to ensure that all students' lessons work around their prior commitments such as trips, exams/tests and appointments.  Certain times of the school year such as the Summer term and leading up to Christmas has many events and there will be occasions when the lessons cannot be changed. Inevitably a lesson will be missed somewhere, although we work to keep this to an absolute minimum. This means that lessons may be changed at short notice - it is imperative that students get familiar with checking Google Classroom and the board outside the Music Office on a FRIDAY, Monday morning after changes are made and again the day of their lesson for changes. The responsibility is for the student to keep up to date with the notes and messages on Google Classroom for their lessons.

In return, we request that if you need to change the lesson time booked (for example due to Dentist/Doctor appointments/Exams/assessments/family issues) for the following week you must give notice by Monday 11am otherwise the lesson is still charged and not rescheduled. Any lesson changes given after Monday 11am will not be changed unless there is an emergency. You will need to write to the Department with your reason and it will be at the discretion of the Department Head to reschedule or refund the lesson. Emergency requests still require 48 hours notice. Failure to comply with these terms could result in us being unable to reschedule or refund the lesson.

All timetables clearly state the room the lesson is held in; this may vary from week to week according to the rota system and it is important to note that lessons may fall outside of school hours. Our rotation system enables a fair system for all students and we endeavour to avoid students missing the same curriculum lessons each week. 


We endeavour to avoid using after school slots however, due to numbers of students, early closures and peripatetic teacher availability, occasionally lessons may have to fall outside of the school day. If your child is already committed to something after school, they will either have to forfeit their lesson or their other commitment.

Fees cover a 10 week teaching period for the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms and will be charged a term in advance. Please note: Spring Terms may be shorter and the fee will reflect this. The current rates are: £205 per term for 30 minute lessons, £105 for 15 minute lessons. We advise students to have 30 minute lessons to maximise progress, however, 15 minute lessons are available for a reduced fee for those who require them. This September, in order to make the lessons more accessible we are looking to offer group lessons in applicable instruments, Drama & Singing. This will be based on demand and will be charged at the 15 minute rate but be half an hour long with up to three other students in the lesson at the same time.

 We advise you to ensure that you have completed the sign up (Google) form for your child and that payments (Parent Pay) reach us by the published deadline. If payment is not received by this date we cannot guarantee lesson availability and we are unable to refund the amount for the number of weeks missed. 

Students are given the option of preparing monologues or duologues for their exam. If students opt for duologues, the student will be paired up by the teacher with another student of the same ability; this is a requirement of the examination board. 

The fees will be reviewed from time to time by the governors and may be increased by a reasonable amount, taking into consideration financial demands on the school as necessary.  We shall give notice of any amendments to the tuition fees in advance of the next term. 

The School is concerned that families who are genuinely experiencing financial difficulty should not be denied access to music tuition. The governors charging policy allows free lessons for those who are eligible for pupil premium. If this applies, please indicate this on the online tuition application form. Tuition is restricted to one skill for a 15-minute lesson.  For any other queries regarding finance please write directly, in confidence, to Mrs Tubb via
Instrument hire is available; pupils may borrow an instrument for up to five years, subject to availability and at a modest termly charge of £20 as of January 2020.
It is important that all instruments brought into school should be insured by parents, including instruments on hire from the school or outside organisation. This can usually be done under the ‘all risks’ section of a general household insurance policy. All instruments should also have a label (eg. luggage label) attached to ensure students can quickly locate their instrument in amongst others and it can easily be returned back to the owner if it gets left/forgotten somewhere.
Electric, (nylon strung) Acoustic Guitars and keyboards can now be hired but with limited availability in the hire scheme - it is essential that you check availability before relying on the instrument for lessons. Hire charges do not apply for Piano/keyboard and drum lessons. Bass Guitars are not included in the hire scheme.

If a child loses or damages their instrument, you will be charged for the replacement or repair value.

If you wish your child to have instrumental or singing lessons at the school, your son/daughter will be required to join the relevant Band or Choir.  This is compulsory.
Many of our students continue their instrument, drama and singing lessons throughout the whole year and year on year. When you sign up your child the lessons will be timetabled continuously every term unless you give half a term notice to stop lessons. You will only need to fill out this form again for the same lesson if the lesson detail changes. Lessons may only be stopped at the end of a term. For those with students in Years 11, 12 and 13, you may opt out of music lessons during the study leave period by applying in writing to the Director of Music and Performing Arts no later than the February half-term holiday. Otherwise, lessons will be scheduled as normal; if your child wishes to stop having lessons, we would be grateful if you could inform the Performing Arts office in writing.
The Performing Arts Department, as far as possible, will avoid scheduling music lessons during trips, tests, sporting activities and other school commitments. However, all students are responsible for informing the Performing Arts Department of the times and dates of school commitments. This also applies to private appointments during the school day such as a doctor’s appointment. A minimum of 1 weeks notice is required otherwise lessons may still be scheduled and charged for.

Fixed lessons are usually reserved for students in years 12 & 13 as they cannot miss academic lessons in their examination subjects. Lessons for pupils below these years cannot be fixed.

Lessons missed through a students' non-attendance will be charged. 
All absences should be reported to the Performing Arts office as soon as possible on 0208 5080404. All absences due to illness or medical appointments are charged for.  For queries regarding the arrangements of long-term illnesses, please contact the Performing Arts Administrator. Should a lesson be cancelled by the teacher, the teacher will arrange to carry that lesson forward to a later date or to credit the appropriate fee.
The Performing Arts Department will notify parents of continued student absences from scheduled music lessons.

Should the school close due to the weather or any other unforeseen circumstances we are unable to refund or re-schedule these lessons.

Learning a musical instrument is a long process which takes time, discipline and dedication. Whilst our teachers make every reasonable effort to improve the knowledge and ability of the students, they are expected to cooperate with the teacher and to adhere to the sessions of practice advised by the teacher. Parents/Carers are asked to take on a supportive, encouraging role in the long journey of learning to play a musical instrument.

Students will be recommended by their teachers to be put forward for a public or online examination. Entry will be made once the consent and payment have been returned by parents or carers.  For public exams students are strongly recommended to attend aural lessons provided by our staff prior to an examination, in order to meet the demands of the examination. 

All candidates (with the exception of pianists and percussionists) will require an accompanist in the examination, for which there is an individual fee. The fee covers a rehearsal and the exam time itself. Some teachers like to accompany their own pupils or we can arrange the services of the school's accompanist; the fee payable is the same regardless. Details of the fees will be issued on the application.
Where an accompanist is required, parents will be asked on the examination form to tick the box stating whether their child’s teacher will accompany them or if they would like the Performing Arts Department to arrange an accompanist.