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Historical studies at Davenant covers 1,000 years of both British and International history.  At Key Stage 3 students have the opportunity to discover life in medieval times and changes to religion and monarchy.  We also investigate the development and abolition of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.  By the end of Year 9 students will also have covered the causes and events of both World Wars, the Holocaust and the impact of dictatorship on Europe.  At Key Stage 4, students will explore four modules following the Edexcel GCSE Specification which encompass a wide range of themes, historical events and eras; Nazi Germany, The Cold War, Henry VIII and his ministers and Crime and Punishment over 1,000 years. Key Stage 5 students will study the following; The Later Tudors, Italy and Unification 1789-1896, Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992 and will write a controlled topic based essay.  

“I found looking at life in Nazi Germany really interesting especially what people my age were learning about at school and in the Hitler Youth and how easy it was to brainwash them” 

Year 9 student


During Years 7-9 the following topics are taught:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Norman Conquest (including the Battles of Hastings and Stamford Bridge)


Medieval Life and Church, King John


Thomas Beckett (life and death)


The Black Death


The Peasants Revolt


The Tudors (from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I including religious changes and the Reformation)


The Gun Powder Plot


The Stuarts and the English Civil War


Oliver Cromwell


The Plague and the Great Fire of London


The Industrial Revolution


The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade


The Rise and Fall of the British Empire


The Causes of World War One


The events of World War One


The Rise of Dictators (Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini)


Life in Nazi Germany


The Causes of World War II


Events of World War II


The Holocaust


Students studying the subject at GCSE follow the Edexcel specification. During the course, the following topics are covered:

Year 10 and 11



Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939

International Relations – The Cold War

Henry VIII and his ministers 1509-40

Crime and punishment c1000-present


The course is assessed at the end of Year 11 in three exams. 

Paper 1- Crime & Punishment in Britain c1000-present  -  1hr 15mins – 30%

Paper 2- Henry VII and his ministers 1509-40    AND

               Cold War 1941-91                                             - 1hr 45mins – 40%

Paper 3- Weimar & Nazi Germany 1918-39                 - 1hr 20mins – 30%

For more detailed information about the course content and assessment requirements, please refer to the examination board website:




Students studying the subject at A Level follow the OCR specification.  During the course the following topics are covered.

Year 12 and 13


Unit 1: Y107  England 1547-1603: The Later Tudors

Unit 2: Y215  Italy and Unification 1789-1896

Unit 3: Y215  Cicil Rights in the USA 1865-1992

Unit 4: Y100  Topic based essay


The course is assessed at the end of Year 2 with three exams and a personal investigation culminating in a 3,000-4,000 word essay as follows:

Unit 1 – British Period study (Y107 The Later Tudors) -            1hr 30min     25%

Unit 2 – Non-British Period study (Y215 Italy & Unification) –   1hr                15%

Unit 3 – Thematic Study & Historical Interpretations

              (Y319 Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992) -  2hr 30min   40%

Unit 4 – Topic Based Essay -    

              (Y100 Non Exam Assessment 3,000-4,000 word essay)         -       20%    

For more detailed information about the course content and assessment requirements, please refer to the examination board website: