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We are in easy reach from various methods of transport.

Buses: 20, 677
Underground: Debden, Theydon Bois or Loughton. All on the Central Line.
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Business is a dynamic and ever-changing subject and covers broad topical issues from the global economy to getting hired and the importance of people to a workplace.

We aim to develop questioning and open-minded students who understand the challenges of a modern dynamic business environment and begin to develop as commercially minded, enterprising individuals.  Business students will begin to appreciate the importance of decision-making; encouraging students to think critically about varied local, national, and global issues.  We offer a rich curriculum that will inspire our students to achieve strong academic outcomes and develop a range of transferrable skills including creativity, problem-solving, communication, and teamwork.  We aim to empower our students to grow into independent, innovative, and driven learners and help them succeed in their chosen pathway.

 “A level Business Studies is an informative subject which provides useful information that can help to provide students with knowledge of current business affairs to succeed in their future careers. By exploring real-life business examples, students are able to give their own contributions to gain a confident understanding in a changing business world”

Year 12 Student


Students studying the subject at GCSE follow the Edexcel specification. During the course, the following topics are covered:

Year 10 

Year 11 

Theme 1

1.1 Enterprise

1.2 Spotting a Business Opportunity

1.3 Putting an Idea into Practice

1.4 How to Make a Business Effective

1.5 External Influences on Business

Theme 2

2.1 Growing the business

2.2 Making Marketing Decisions

2.3 Making Operational Decisions

2.4 Making Financial Decisions

2.5 Making Human Resource Decisions

For more detailed information about the course content and assessment requirements, please refer to the examination board website.


Students studying the subject at A Level follow the Edexcel specification.  During the course the following topics are covered.

Year 12

Year 13

Theme 1

1.1 – Meeting Customer Needs

1.2 – The Market

1.3 – Marketing Mix & Strategy

1.4 – Managing People

1.5 – Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Theme 2

2.1 – Raising Finance

2.2 – Financial Planning

2.3 – Managing Finance

2.4 – Resource Management

2.5 – External Influences

Theme 3

3.1 – Business Objectives & Strategies

3.2 – Business Growth

3.3 – Decision-making Techniques

3.4 – Influences on Business Decisions

3.5 – Assessing Competitiveness

3.6 – Managing Change

Theme 4

4.1 – Globalisation

4.2 – Global Markets & Business Expansion

4.3 – Global Marketing

4.4 – Global Industries & Companies (Multinational Corporations).

For more detailed information about the course content and assessment requirements, please refer to the examination board website.