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Matilda Jr the Musical

What a show!

At the start of March Davenant Foundation School presented "Matilda Jr.", a condensed version of the hit West End show "Matilda the Musical," which is specifically designed for younger performers and audiences. What a show it was!

The portrayals of Matilda, by R. McGovern and A. Rumbelow in the musical were nothing short of captivating. Matilda is a character who undergoes a remarkable transformation throughout the story, and the actors portraying her navigated this journey, capturing both her vulnerability and her inner strength believably. The young ladies sang proficiently memorable musical numbers in the show: "Naughty", "Quiet" and "When I Grow Up" with emotional depth and worthy of the spontaneous applause.

S. Marx and B. Hammond as Miss Trunchbull requires an actor with exceptional stage presence, physicality, and comedic timing, and both of these students delivered. In my opinion, Miss Trunchbull has the best musical numbers such the "The Hammer" and "The Smell of Rebellion" Both captured her authoritarian attitude and disdain for disobedience, while also providing moments of dark humour and absurdity. Coping entertainingly with the choreography, exaggerated movements and facial expressions despite the costume, makeup and wig!

Contrastingly, is the Miss Honey character who has a deep empathy for others, particularly Matilda. She was confidently acted and sang by M. Bentley and A. Osborn. Both ladies successfully portrayed Miss Honey as a truly unforgettable character whose warmth, sincerity, and strength of character leaves a lasting impression with the song “This Little Girl”. Their performances convincingly a testament to the enduring power of kindness and the transformative impact characters like these (teachers!) can have on our own lives.

There were stand out performances by Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood, A. Tyzack and E. Anemouri, who’s comically acted exaggerated personalities and over-the-top antics raised quite a few laughs. All of the remaining cast, each with their own quirks and personalities, did themselves proud. From the rebellious Bruce Bogtrotter (A. Duffett) to the timid Lavender (V. Michl and E. Togwell), these characters add depth and texture to the story and showcased the talents of our young performers. The dance and musical numbers, in particular “School Song”, “Smell of Rebellion”, “Bruce” and (my favourite) the exceptional “Revolting Children” were a joy to watch with every child enjoying the whole number. The audiences, of over 650 across four performances, equally enjoyed the delightful theatrical experience.

Of course, none of this happens without the behind-the-scenes team who spend many voluntary hours outside of school creating, building, rehearsing, recording and planning on a minimal budget.


Special mentions go to Mrs P Allen who oversaw and made the scenery; Stage Crew, although overseen and trained by Mr Burns, are all students who ran the show largely by themselves from sound, backstage to lighting, Ms Ball for choreography, Mrs Tubb for musical rehearsal and direction and Mrs Flanagan for direction and choreography. We are very blessed to have talented and committed staff and crew to get this show on the road.