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Davenant Foundation School, Chester Road, Loughton, Essex, IG10 2LD
Telephone: 020 8508 0404
Fax: 020 8508 9301

We are in easy reach from various methods of transport.

Buses: 20, 667
Underground: Debden Park, Theydon Bois or Loughton. All on the Central Line.
SATNAV users: IG10 2LW. Parking at Davenant is available for visitors.
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The governors of the school have approved a number of policies that affect procedures and practice.  Often, policies are based upon national guidance and recognised good practice but, in certain cases, they reflect the particular priorities and ethos of our school.

All policies are available upon request to the school.  However, those that are likely to be of most interest to parents and to those making an application to the school can be accessed through this page.

  1. Anti-Radicalisation Policy Statement May 2019)
  2. Attendance and Punctuality
  3. Behaviour Management Policy (Review Nov 2019)
  4. Catch Up Funding 2017-2018
  5. CCTV-Policy
  6. Child Protection Policy For Schools (Review May 2019)
  7. Code of Conduct
  8. Curriculum Policy
  9. Drugs Education-Awareness Policy
  10. Emergency closure / procedures for inclement weather
  11. Examinations Policy (Review Nov 2019)
  12. Exclusion from Maintained Schools Academies and Pupil Referral Units in England (Review Nov 2019)
  13. Equality Policy (Review May 2019)
  14. Equality Appendix 1 2018
  15. Equality Appendix 2 SEN April 2018
  16. Equality Appendix 3 (2018)
  17. Equality Appendix 4 Accessibility Plan 2018-2020
  18. Handling Parental Concerns and Complaints Policy
  19. Health & Safety Policy - Review Due Oct 2019
  20. Homework Policy
  21. Marking and Feedback Policy
  22. Monitoring Policy
  23. Numeracy and Literacy Catch up Funding
  24. Online Safety Policy
  25. Pastoral Care Policy
  26. Religious Education Policy
  27. School Attendance Policy
  28. Sex and Relationship Education Policy
  29. Security Incidents Policy-Approved March 2018
  30. SMSC - Spiratual, Moral, Social and Cultural Dimensions
  31. Special Educational Needs Policy for 'Most Able' Students and Gifted and Talented Students
  32. Supporting Pupils With Medical Conditions (Review Sept 2018)
  33. Teaching and Learning Policy
  34. Visitors Policy (Review May 2019)
  35. Worship Policy 2017 (Review March 2018)
  36. Pupil Premium Funding
  37. SEND Policy (Review Jan 2019)
  38. Charges and Remissions Policy (Review January 2019)
  39. Data Protection Policy - May 2018
  40. Terms and Conditions for Trips (Appendix 1 of Charges and Remissions) (Review Jan 19)
  41. Educational Trips and Visits (Review Oct 2017)